The longstanding Ocean Drive restaurant A Fish Called Avalon, whose savoir faire has marked South Beach for over 27 years, has just opened the doors of its new, playful sister establishment Craft Cafe. Tucked inside the legendary Avalon Hotel at 700 Ocean Drive, this new kid on the block brings the art of celebrated French fare to South Beach. Aside from a dizzying array of organic coffee and teas, items such as fresh baked flakey croissants, delectable Croque Monsieurs, savory quiches, and crisply toasted baguettes offer beach-goers a small taste of France for breakfast and lunch.

“All of my inspiration behind the Craft Café comes from my passion for what I do every day,” said Director of Food & Beverage Pascal Pinault when asked what inspired the concept of this new endeavor. “When creating the concept of this café, I didn’t want to create another average coffee shop you can find on any corner. Basically, the goal was not to ‘think outside of the box,’ we threw out the box all together.”

Open daily from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., Craft Café is the newest morning-to-afternoon choice on South Beach welcoming guests and locals with its spectacular counter service, indoor and outdoor table seating and wide range of grab-and-go options from a menu that will change seasonally and expand in the months to come. The debut offerings include a variety of hand-crafted beverages ranging from spiced teas and classic espresso-centric beverages to imaginatively decadent coffee-based desserts.

An assortment of locally roasted, organic coffee beans take center stage as the heart and soul of Craft Café’s caffeine-fueled collection. The core coffee menu features Miami staples (Espresso Cortadito) next to European classics (Espresso Con Panna) while being complemented by a selection of exotic teas ranging from Marrakesh Mint Green Tea to Organic African Nectar.

Their specialty coffees and frappes feature traditional flavors such as hazelnut, white chocolate and cinnamon while the Craft Café Extravaganza selections takes coffee creation to dynamic levels with sculptural craftsmanship and over-the-top presentation. Named by a glossary of words pertaining to the act and joy of eating, the Extravaganza menu introduces customers to a culinary vocabulary that will surprise and delight both their intellect and their appetite. Pictured below, “Edacious: Definition – of, relating to, or given to eating,” starts with a Frappé Café base that is piled high with a chewy madeleine, crispy Crunch bar, and fluffy toasted marshmallows.

On the Craft Signature Latte Gourmand menu, coffee meets confection at a sophisticated level that showcases deconstructed desserts upheld by a perfect pairing with the classic Café Latte. This menu takes traditional S’mores, Lady Fingers and Tiramisu to new heights by perching them atop Irish coffee mugs that drip with chocolate sauce or warm caramel and are dusted with graham cracker crumbs or crushed pecans.

“The way I see it, a cup of coffee isn’t just a cup of coffee, it’s a moment,” said Pinault. “We want to give guests memorable moments with every sip they take.”

Craft Café, however, is not only about the coffee, the establishment will also feature an array of Sweet Fair such as macarons, croissants and madeleines along with a Savory Side featuring an assortment of quiche, paninis, flat breads and salads. The café offers free Wi-Fi for guests who plan to stick around and curates custom picnic baskets for guests on the go.

“In my opinion, every customer, whether local or visiting, deserves creativity, quality and fantasy. Craft Café was created to be a place where customers can receive top dollar service and have a magical moment with coffee, without top dollar prices.”

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